Don’t just take our word for it:

“My Mum was over the moon when I spoke to her last night. Thanks so much – I think that was one of our best birthday presents for (her)!”

- Kim Shaughnessy St. Jacobs September 11, 2016

Daina made a beautiful book containing pictures of my artwork. It was such a pleasure working with her. I have fun sharing it with friends. They have commented on the beautiful layout and book design. Daina’s services are unique because you can make your project totally you. My book is a one of a kind. Daina has all the skills needed to accomplish a polished end product. She has computer skills, design consciousness, photo knowledge, and a happy outgoing nature to help you through the process.

-Philene Vaivods, Bainbridge Island, Washington May 23, 2016

Snapshot Solutions was a big help in helping us weed out our slides and have them digitized. Daina came to our house and gave suggestions as we completed this project. We appreciated her punctuality, integrity and professionalism. Needless to say we gave her business cards to others and continue to sing her praises. Her service is unique in that she comes to your home, will help with the daunting task of throwing away useless photos, and can simplify your storage problems of various forms of photography.’

-Ian Leech, Guelph, ON May 23, 2016

Daina Makinson at Snap Shot Solutions prepared a commemorative DVD photo package for me to give at my brother’s surprise 70th birthday party. Her insights, attention to detail and awesome customer service made for an amazing birthday gift! It was enjoyed and replayed by my brother and family members who loved seeing themselves and our relatives “in the now” and “in the past”. I could not have produced such a professional and perfectly timed package on my own. I would and have recommended Daina Makinson and Snap Shot Solutions to friends and clients who could benefit from her range of photo organizing services.

-Laurie Bell, Toronto, ON May 23, 2016

It was my pleasure recently to work with Daina Makinson to get a pictorial Bio done for my son Taylor. She was very easy to deal with, conscientious and dedicated to the task. Taylor who has special needs felt very comfortable working with Daina. She was able to provide excellent service in a short period of time. We were very impressed with the finished product. In the future I am hoping to have Snap Shot Solutions do more work for us in our Special Olympics Basketball program.

-Steve Redmond, Head Basketball Coach, Special Olympics Guelph-Wellington May 23, 2016

Daina has a way of organizing and presenting your photos so that they tell the stories that your pictures are about. Daina is truly a delight to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her service to anyone. Words cannot express how I feel when I look at my treasured memories and know that they are all organized and all together in the same place.

-Mary Anne Pettitt, Rockwood, ON May 23, 2016

If you need help organizing your pictures Daina Makinson of Snap Shot Solutions is the person to call. I really appreciated her knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism and warm, friendly manner. But perhaps most importantly, Daina understood intuitively what my pictures meant to me and how important it was that I preserve them. I highly recommend Daina Makinson and Snap Shot Solutions and why I look forward to working with her on future projects.

-Mary Murphy, Toronto, ON May 23, 2016

I was struggling to use a photo organizing program on my new computer when I happened across Daina’s ad. I was so relieved and happy. The added bonus was that she came right to my house! Photos were much easier to organize with Daina’s expertise. And her photo books are fabulous and such high quality. I recommend Daina to everyone and would have no hesitation hiring her again, and again for my future photo organizing or projects.”

-Tracy Robbins, Puslinch, ON May 23, 2016

Our family’s memories are the most important thing we share with our loved ones. I highly recommend you connect with Daina, and she’ll help you overcome that “heap” of photos you have been dreading to organize! She is top notch in her service and more importantly her sincerity towards your special memories.

-Lisa Reaume, Kitchener, ON May 23, 2016

I created a custom designed and personal digital scrapbook for Annette’s 80th birthday. It was a gift from her family. They sent me all the photos they could find and by looking at the pictures I was able to determine a timeline for them and imported them into the book chronologically. Using patterns and colours I thought Annette would like I created a digital storybook with the photos of her life that she continues to enjoy. Here is what Annette said:

Receiving the storybook was a lovely surprise and I smile every time I leaf through the book. I was unaware that an album of this type existed.

If you are looking for a unique and personal gift for a special someone, then Daina is the person to contact. You will be pleasantly impressed with the final product – a result of Daina’s diligence and excellent work on your behalf.

-Annette, Burlington May 23, 2016

Liz called me and asked for help finding her photographs on her computer. She said she knew they were there but couldn’t find them. Liz understands computers and just needed help getting them all together in a user friendly organizing program. After finding all her photos and bringing them all together, I sat with Liz while she learned the program step by step and now she is ready to organize on her own. Here is what Liz said:

Daina’s warm, friendly, patient and professional manner of working, allowed me to be comfortable with my feelings of ineptness and being overwhelmed with digital photo organizing. Because of Daina’s skills, we got the job done with excellent results.

Daina got my digital photos sorted, and organized. While doing all of this, she taught me how to do it myself and left notes for me to refer to. I’m now confident, that I will be able to download my camera and sort the photos into logical groupings. I have tried many other methods of sorting and editing but only Daina’s worked for me.

Daina’s unique service of coming to my home and working on my computer, was the easiest way for me to learn digital photo organizing. Doing all of this, in my own space, gave me the personal one on one help and attention that was needed. I am very fortunate to have had Daina’s skills to get me out of this photo mess.

If you are overwhelmed, and feeling inept with your photos, call Daina. Daina, thank you for the incredible work you did in sorting and organizing my digital photos. All of this was because of your vision and planning. Now, I look forward to making personal photo books with you.

-Liz, Guelph, ON May 23, 2016

I held a photo organizing workshop, hosted by Jeannie’s friend in her home. We started the process by discussing why photos are important to us and how they should be a part of lives. I explained the ABC’s of photo organizing and then the group got started with the tools they were provided. Throughout the workshop I assisted and answered questions, but I also enjoyed hearing the stories and laughter of a group of women who are good friends and have shared a wonderful history. Everyone went home with over 200 photos that were categorized and labeled, armed with the knowledge on how to continue the project at home themselves. Here is what Jeannie said:

Daina is so pleasant and upbeat and full of facts and information. I enjoyed our session because of this.

She gave us time to interact with everyone else and I enjoyed sorting out my pictures with friends and sharing old discoveries with them.

I realized that a fool-proof way of categorizing my pictures would make it easy to find them whenever I needed them.

I do not know of anyone else who provides this service of organizing your life through pictures.

If anyone has not taken the time to organize their pictures over the years they could use Daina to show them how to put everything in order or get her to do it for you.

-Jeannie, Oakville May 18, 2016

I helped Anne organize all her print photos that had been collecting over the years. Having photos in boxes and envelopes all over the place can be an overwhelming task to take on and often it’s hard to know where to begin. We started by gathering all the photos together in one place and then sorted by categories using the ABC’s of photo organizing. Along the way Anne shared wonderful stories and before you knew it we were done! All her photographs were in one place, easy to access whenever she wishes. Here is what Anne said:

Daina has such a sunny disposition. Nothing was too much trouble and she took it all in her stride. She is extremely organized and knows what she’s doing and she made the whole project fun.

Daina took an overwhelming task that I had been procrastinating on and made it something I could do, with her guidance. She made it all manageable and was patient as I worked my way through the memories and stories attached to the photos. Now we have a legacy – something to share with our family in the years ahead.

Other experts help you declutter but this was more than that – it involved sorting through the photos, sharing the stories behind them and deciding what best to do with our seemingly endless collection of photographs.

I would recommend Daina to my family and friends. We all live such busy lives and likely would procrastinate on documenting our family’s lives together. This was a painless process and Daina made it fun. With her gentle prodding, patience and organizational skills, she keeps you on track.

-Anne, Oakville May 18, 2016

What was at one time an overwhelming task was made very doable with Snap Shot Solutions.

-Karen Guthrie, Guelph February 7, 2016

She created a video DVD for us and I actually cried the first time I watched it as it was perfect.

-Cathy Smith, Puslinch February 6, 2016

I helped Maureen create a digital scrapbook for a friend who meant so much to her and had recently passed away. Maureen and I sat down and went over all the photos and the chronological order of them. We discussed a colour theme and the style of the book. She also told me some of their story and all the things they did on a daily basis. Incorporating the eulogy she gave at the funereal, I created a book that told the story of their friendship, adding in touches that illustrated all the things that she told me they loved to do together. I was honoured to be able to create this book for Maureen. Here is what Maureen said:

Daina gave me a very personal and lasting gift to have a book about my dear lost friend…as well as a priceless gift for her mother.

I like that she is fun and excited about her work. She is easy to work with and talk to.

Her service is unique because of the personal touch and I would recommend her to family and friends. People need help to be creative with this kind of thing…..makes for a better end product

-Maureen, Puslinch February 6, 2016

Daina is so pleasant and upbeat and full of facts and information. I enjoyed our session because of this.

-Jeannie, Oakville February 6, 2016