Maintaining Clarity in a Digital World: New Photo Organization Company to the Rescue

Maintaining Clarity in a Digital World | Snap Shot Solutions


Snap Shot Solutions is a new Southern Ontario company offering innovative photo print and digital organization services that provide personal solutions to clients that are overwhelmed by the thousands of photos scattered amongst boxes, albums, memory cards, tablets, computers and camera phones. This cutting-edge service is only one of 13 certified photo organization companies in Canada. Snap Shot Solutions works with clients to compile, organize and protect photos by converting them to DVD, photo books and gifts for families and friends to enjoy and share the moments that define their lives.

Snap Shot Solutions is owned and operated by Daina Makinson, 54, whose prior career involved helping senior citizens downsize their homes. During this time, she realized that photos were the most comforting part of the transition. When researching the idea of a photo organization company, she recognized a need in the community for such a service. Friends, families and businesses required professional services to solve their organizational issues when it came to storing and displaying their cherished memories.

“Photo organization is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. It’s the spring cleaning that people overlook. Our clients recognize a need to preserve, not jeopardize, those precious moments that define us,” said owner Daina Makinson. “In the United States this has become a thriving industry, and Canadians are now taking steps to work with photo organizers to safeguard their memories.”

“Starting to sort my photos was daunting at first because they had been piling up in boxes and envelopes for years,” stated client Anne Day. “It was hard to know where to begin. Snap Shot Solutions made organizing my photos fun and exciting, as I enjoyed reliving the memories each photo evoked. Now we have a legacy. Something tangible we can share with our family in the future.”

When it comes to photo organization, Snap Shot Solutions offers five essential services:

  1. Photo Books and Gifts: create custom albums, collages, canvases and calendars to enjoy beloved photos on a daily basis
  2. Protection and Back-up Services: archive photos in pristine condition for long term storage
  3. Organizational Services: compile, sort, edit and categorize print and digital photos to make them easily accessible
  4. Conversion Services: convert slides and negatives, film and video tape to DVD
  5. Education: one-on-one client training, workshops and public speaking

Owner Daina Makinson is a Certified Photo Organizer and member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO). She is also a Trained Professional Organizer and a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Snap Shot Solutions is based in Puslinch, ON.