Photos Gone!

Photos Gone! | Snap Shot Solutions Blog

I was watching the news last week and there was this poor elderly man weeping at the photos that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy – his house was in ruins, but this was what upset him the most, the fact that the photo of his wedding day and ones of his dead wife were wrecked.

That made me think of this spring when I watched with sadness two people, a mom and a dad, on the news, begging the thief who stole their laptop to return it. Drop it off anywhere safe with a note. No police charges, no questions, no ramifications, just please, please, please return the laptop.

Why the mournful pleading? All the photographs they had in the entire world of their son; their only child was on that laptop. He had passed away recently. So sad. I never heard if they got the laptop back. I hope they did.

Photos are the last thing we think of and the first thing we miss. They are the timeline of our lives, the stories that we love to tell, the documented reminders of important events and people we love and care about. They are our own personal history.

What would it feel like if all my photos disappeared in a puff of smoke? I’ll never know because all my print photos have been scanned and backed up in my computer. My computer has an external hard drive that backs up every 24 hours. All the photos in my computer are archived and backed up on a picture back up device that I keep in a separate place.

Then just to be sure I can survive a flood, fire, theft, computer crash…..every night all my documents and photos are automatically backed up in cloud storage. A cloud that is actually bricks and mortar. But not just one building of bricks and mortar, there are two huge buildings on this earth that stores my photos securely.

A friend of mine who backs up her photos and documents the same way said that the world would literally have to come to an end before she loses a photograph! What about you? Don’t be one of those people who say “it will never happen to me”. Since I became a photo organizer I have heard countless personal stories from people who have lost their photos in all the ways I mentioned.

It does happen. All the time. Not just when Hurricane Sandy comes by. Don’t put off today what tomorrow you will be sorry for not doing. Get your photos out of those shoeboxes, organize them, scan them into your computer, and then back them up. Before it’s too late.

I will cover more on back up options in future posts. Stay tuned………..