About SnapShot Solutions
and Daina Makinson

Daina Makinson - Owner of Snapshot Solutions

Daina Makinson is the founder of Snap Shot Solutions. She is a Certified Photo Organizer, member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) and is a Trained Professional Organizer.

Daina launched Snap Shot Solutions in September 2012 because she realized that she had a gift—the gift of being extremely organized. She also understood that boxes of print photos or even thousands of digital photos hiding in computers are the untold stories that people dream of telling.

Snap Shot Solutions has become the top photo organizing company in Ontario by always delivering a positive customer experience through care, convenience and unrivaled customer service.

Daina has even been recognized for her exceptional customer service with the 2013 Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre Awards for Outstanding Customer Service and Outstanding Consulting Business, as well as the 2013 Guelph Tribune’s Readers Choice Diamond Award Most Attentive Owner.

Snap Shot Solutions was also awarded the 2015 Guelph Mercury’s Readers Choice Awards for Best Organizing Business.

Happiness Guaranteed!

It was my pleasure recently to work with Daina Makinson to get a pictorial Bio done for my son Taylor. She was very easy to deal with, conscientious and dedicated to the task. Taylor who has special needs felt very comfortable working with Daina. She was able to provide excellent service in a short period of time. We were very impressed with the finished product. In the future I am hoping to have Snap Shot Solutions do more work for us in our Special Olympics Basketball program.

-Steve Redmond, Head Basketball Coach, Special Olympics Guelph-Wellington May 23, 2016

I held a photo organizing workshop, hosted by Jeannie’s friend in her home. We started the process by discussing why photos are important to us and how they should be a part of lives. I explained the ABC’s of photo organizing and then the group got started with the tools they were provided. Throughout the workshop I assisted and answered questions, but I also enjoyed hearing the stories and laughter of a group of women who are good friends and have shared a wonderful history. Everyone went home with over 200 photos that were categorized and labeled, armed with the knowledge on how to continue the project at home themselves. Here is what Jeannie said:

Daina is so pleasant and upbeat and full of facts and information. I enjoyed our session because of this.

She gave us time to interact with everyone else and I enjoyed sorting out my pictures with friends and sharing old discoveries with them.

I realized that a fool-proof way of categorizing my pictures would make it easy to find them whenever I needed them.

I do not know of anyone else who provides this service of organizing your life through pictures.

If anyone has not taken the time to organize their pictures over the years they could use Daina to show them how to put everything in order or get her to do it for you.

-Jeannie, Oakville May 18, 2016

SnapShot Solutions is certified by the APPO
SnapShot Solutions is certified by the APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. APPO is a professional membership organization that provides Personal Photo Organizers with training, support, and tools to help their communities manage their photos and preserve their lost stories.